Based on Google Android

All features of Google Android are available in SigmaDroid, because SigmaDroid is AOSP on steroids and much MORE!

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Improvements in performance

Many components have been redesigned in the system, allowing for a large number of features not available in Stock Android

UI customisation

A wide range of customization options for different parts of the user interface to suit your taste.
Make the system more convenient for you personally!


Developed by the community, for the community, by a small group of android enthusiasts with the aim of filling in all the gaps left by Google in AOSP. At our core we are a small group people who have been around the android modding scene for many years. With that experience we have the unique ability to spot bits of code that are known to be problematic with AOSP. There is something to say about experience

The Team


Matt Filetto


Founder, chief developer of SigmaDroid, cheetah maintainer and just a super man!


Some Body

Who is it?

The great things that this man does.




Just made this website.